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Cosmetic Injectables and Bruising

More than ever before, people of all ages are turning to the cosmetic appeal of injectables such as neurotoxins (like Botox) and dermal fillers (like Juvederm). This includes baby boomers looking to restore a more youthful appearance to millennials looking to prevent the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is important to have your cosmetic injectable procedure performed by a board-certified physician such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. That’s because, even with advanced understanding of the anatomy, your face is a complex network of thousands of tiny veins and blood vessels and bruising at the injection site can occur.

Why Bruising Occurs

Certain medications can cause an increased risk of bleeding and bruising. Aspirin, warfarin and clopidogrel are some of the more common cardiovascular medications that can increase a patient’s risk of bruising. Most physicians will not recommend that the patient stop taking their medications but if aspirin or ibuprofen is not medically necessary, for example, your doctor may recommend it be stopped one week prior to the procedure. There are other medications that can cause bleeding and bruising, so it is important to tell your doctor about all the medications you take.

Likewise, herbal supplements and vitamins may make it more likely that you bleed or bruise after a procedure at the doctor’s office. Three of these have case reports and studies demonstrating increased bleeding and bruising: high doses of vitamin E, gingko biloba, and garlic. Your doctor may advise you to stop taking these products two weeks prior to your procedure.

During the procedure, if the injection needle comes into contact with a vein, it can cause pain and a bruise.

To help prevent bruising, pressure should be applied to the area immediately after the injections. Cold compresses can also be applied to encourage vasoconstriction (the narrowing of blood vessels) and reduce the likelihood of post-procedure bruising.

AccuVein: for Bruise-Free Injections

Now we come to a groundbreaking new technology called AccuVein. It has opened up a new world of possibilities by making it possible for your physician to view the vast network of veins that lay just under the skin. Everyone’s vein map is different.

AccuVein allows your doctor to avoid coming into contact with large or small blood vessels during your cosmetic injectable procedure, making the treatment safer and less likely to result in bruising and discomfort.

The hand-held device allows easy, painless viewing before and during aesthetic procedures. And it never even comes into contact with your skin; rather, your doctor simply focuses the beam on the area of skin to be treated, and your hidden vascular network can be seen.

Bruising is relatively common after cosmetic procedures; with AccuVein, you can avoid these telltale bruises after your injectable service.

If you’re looking for a reputable doctor in South Florida who provides cosmetic injectable services such as Botox, Juvederm, and more, look no further. Dr. Yvette Tivoli at Atlantic Derm is board-certified in dermatology and family medicine, with the experience and tools to help you avoid side effects like bruising when opting for an aesthetic rejuvenation procedure. To get started, call (502) 802-SKIN or request an appointment now.

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